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Sexy time in 3D contest! 
04:43pm 01/04/2009
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Help rebuild my site and inturn I make more money! Also send me Christmas gifts! 
09:55pm 21/12/2008
I am going to have a new tour built in the design of a COMIC BOOK! That's right!

I had been working on the design myself and I am happy that I at least made an effort because through doing so I learned so much about design and such.


But... I ran across this site that advertises webdesign and LOVED all of the samples of worked they showed. They really looked like the could create the look and feel I was going for so I emailed them.

Come to find out the girl was a former cam girl herself that through messing around on her site (like me) had learned the ins and outs of webdesign!


The $600 will pay for her to design a new logo, 3 page tour, header for the members area and a basic affiliate program with some gallery templates so I can finally have affiliate content to promote!

Having a complete affiliate program will really boost my sales and get more people to sign up for it!

This is very important I get this done being that it's the new year so I am offering the same kind of incentive to help with this as I did for the fundraiser to buy my domain from my old webmaster which will be as follows:

Donations of up to $20 will receive a months access to my site.

Contributions of $21-60 will receive a big 6 month pass!

Contributions of $61-150 will get a whole year pass!

And finally $151-up to the full amount will receive a lifetime pass!



These are really good deals as my site usually costs about 25 bucks per month to be apart of and hosts some really cool stuff like 8 spy cams, weekly video and photo updates as well as a member show takes place nearly EVERY DAY.

You can also get access to some hot photos of my friends and view countless amounts of cam shows and 8 spy cams of the different networks I am on 24/7... Just in case you get tired of watching me!


If you have another type of arrangement you would like to make on the deal please let me know!

You can also make donations to epassporte if you prefer!

It’s also that time of the season where I am excepting gifts!

This is the list for the sexy things I want:
My Amazon.com Wish List

Burlesque supplies for performing with my new troupe!
My Amazon.com Wish List

Art Supplies:
My Amazon.com Wish List

General list:
My Amazon.com Wish List

All other lists can be found to the left hand side of any on any of the list pages above. For gifts I will offer either site passes or maybe some custom photos or videos showing/using the items you sent? Also I will make you a thank you video personally thanking you for the item if you chose to do that!


05:51pm 17/07/2008

Buy me clothes NOW:
Put me through School NOW:
Listen to my ramble voice blog:
Add me: www.myspace.com/clubmix1996

If you are lucky, when I receive the clothing that you buy in them mail I will send you a pass for my site, the better the gift the longer the pass;) email me at undressjess@gmail.com to tell me what you have sent and tell me your prefered user name and password for me to grant you access!